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GCC: Total population and percentage of nationals and foreign nationals in GCC countries (national statistics, 2010-2016) (with numbers)

  date/ period  Total population date/ period   Nationals  Foreign nationals % in total population
Country  Nationals Foreign nationals
Bahrain (1) mid-2014 1,314,562 mid-2014 630,744 683,818 48.0 52.0
Kuwait (2) 31 March 2016 4,294,171 31 March 2016 1,316,147 2,978,024 30.6 69.4
Oman (3) 20 April 2016 4,419,193 20 April 2016 2,412,624 2,006,569 54.6 45.4
Qatar (4) April  2015 2,404,776 April  2010 243,019 2,161,757 10.1 89.9
Saudi Arabia (5) mid-2014 30,770,375 mid-2014 20,702,536 10,067,839 67.3 32.7
United Arab Emirates (6) mid-2010 8,264,070 mid-2010 947,997 7,316,073 11.5 88.5
Total* 51,467,147 26,253,067 25,214,080 51.0 49.0

Sources: national institutes of statistics, latest year or period available as of 20 April 2016.

* Total provides the sum of population numbers at different dates. It is not exactly the total population at any of these dates.

1- Definition:
Non-nationals are:
1- persons bearing nationality of a foreign State other than the GCC State of residence, or bearing no proof of nationality from any given state (stateless persons and holders of refugee status and travel document in a third country) ;
2- Holders of residence permit residing in the given GCC country at date of census, as per definition of residence used in each of the countries.

Figures for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are estimates.

2- Sources of data:
(1) Bahrain Central Informatics Organisation (CIO), CIO’s website, “Statistics” and “Population” sections
(2) Kuwait Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), Homepage as of 20 April 2016,
(3) National Centre for Statistical Information (NCSI), homepage as of 20 April 2016,;
(4) Qatar Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, census 2015 (total population); Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA), Census 2010,;
(5) Saudi Arabia Central Department for Statistics and Information (CDSI), estimates.
(6) UAE National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), estimates.

Date of access: 20 April 2016


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