Qatar: Law No. 15 of 2017 Regarding Domestic Workers




Qatar: Law No. 15 of 2017 Regarding Domestic Workers

Date of adoption


 22 August 2017

Entry into force


12 September 2017

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 –  Official Journal Issue No.9(12 September, 2017), p. 27. Retrieved from: Al-Meezan Qatar Legal Portal, accessed: 22September 2018, retrieved from:

–   International Labour Organisation, accessed: 22 September 2018,





In accordance with Art. 3 of this law, domestic workers may only be employed after a labour contract has been signed, which must then be certified by the competent administration within the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs. The contract must be written in Arabic and unofficial translation may be annexed. The worker must be given a copy for his own records. The article further sets the provisions that must be included in the contract.

Art. 6 grants the domestic worker the right to a paid probationary period.

Art. 7 lists the responsibilities of the employer, which include providing suitable housing, food, and medical care.

Art. 8 regulates the payment of wages.

The maximum working hours per day are set at 10 hours (Art. 12).

The domestic worker is entitled to one day of weekly rest (Art. 13).