Bahrain: Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain





Bahrain: Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain


Date of adoption



14 February 2002


Entry into force



In effect

Last amended: 2012



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Legislation & Legal Opinion Commission, Kingdom of Bahrain, accessed: 26 June 2014,

Constitutionnet, accessed: 27 June 2014,


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Art. 17 (1): “Bahraini nationality shall be determined by law. A person inherently enjoying his Bahraini nationality cannot be stripped of his nationality except in case of treason, and such other cases as prescribed by law.”

Art. 17(2): ”It is prohibited to banish a citizen from Bahrain or prevent him from returning to it.”

Art. 18: “People are equal in human dignity, and citizens are equal before the law in public rights and duties. There shall be no discrimination among them on the basis of sex, origin, language, religion or creed.”

Art. 19 of the law guarantees personal freedom and prohibits the arrest, detention or imprisonment of persons or the placement of restrictions on his freedom of residence or movement except under the provisions of the law and under judicial supervision. The article further prohibits all forms of torture and degrading treatment and considers any confessions obtained using methods employing torture as null and void.

Art. 31: “The public rights and freedoms stated in this Constitution may only be regulated or limited by or in accordance with the law, and such regulation or limitation may not prejudice the essence of the right or freedom.”