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Bahrain: Employed population (15+ years old) by nationality group and sex (2010)

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males females Total
Bahraini 120,550 56,482 177,032
Arab 22,772 3,217 23,625
GCC 2,874 853 3,727
Other Arabs 19,898 2,364 22,262
Non-Arab 414,622 85,564 500,186
Asian 406,598 65,928 472,526
African 1,272 17,150 18,422
European 4,612 1,774 6,386
North American 1,479 431 1,910
South American 186 60 246
Oceanian 475 221 696
Total Non-Bahrainis 437,394 88,781 526,175
Total 557,944 145,263 703,207

Source: Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) – Bahrain


1. Technical Notes and Definitions

census year reference period implementing institution implementation method population covered
1981 November 16 Ministry of Finance
Statistics Department
field interviews de jure, de facto all individuals (nationals and non-nationals): 1- present within the country’s borders during time of reference; 2- residing in Bahrain irrespective of where are they at census times
1991 April 6 Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) field interviews
2001 April 7 field interviews; characteristics of population in collective households (among which labour camps) was obtained from sponsors
2010 April 27 based on administrative records

Nationality of the person is defined by the passport used to enter the country. A Non-Bahraini is considered as such depending on the passport used to enter the country (or obtain the visa).
Period of reference for employment refers to the 7-days period prior to the survey.
Population of reference in table: all employed individuals (nationals and non-nationals) aged 15 and above
Employed population includes population in the following categories:
Employer: A person who operates his / her own economic enterprise or engages independently in a profession for trade and hires one or more employees.
Self-employed: A person who operates his / her own economic enterprise or engages independently in a profession or trade and hires nobody.
Paid employee: A person who works for a public or private organization and receives regular wages / salary whether in cash or in kind.
Unpaid worker: A person works for an enterprise, usually owned by some of his relatives, without receiving a salary / wage

2. Institution which provides data

Central Informatics Organization, known prior to 2001 as the “Central Statistics Organisation” under the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs.

3. Data availability

Figures and results reported here are available on the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) website. For Arabic version: ( For the English version: (
The CIO often provides its figures and estimates through tables in PDF format.
The 1981 census figures can be found in the Statistical Abstract 2000, Labour Force Section: (
The 1991 and 2001 census figures can be found: (
The 2010 census figures for employed Bahraini population can be found: (
The 2010 census figures for employed non-Bahraini population can be found: (
These census figures can also be found in the Statistical Abstracts, Labour Force Sections: (

Date of access: June 2014


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