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Bahrain: Terminations of family dependent visas (Q3 2008 – Q2 2018)

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Terminations of dependent visas
2008 Q3 1,023
Q4 894
2009 Q1 1,929
Q2 2,214
Q3 1,845
Q4 1,708
2010 Q1 1,828
Q2 2,433
Q3 2,041
Q4 1,736
2011 Q1 2,067
Q2 2,759
Q3 2,062
Q4 2,052
2012 Q1 2,469
Q2 2,661
Q3 2,082
Q4 2,463
2013 Q1 3,390
Q2 4,124
Q3 3,569
Q4 3,579
2014 Q1 4,002
Q2 3,961
Q3 3,567
Q4 3,379
2015 Q1 3,900
Q2 4,259
Q3 3,781
Q4 3,962
2016 Q1 4,213
Q2 4,754
Q3 3,907
Q4 4,271
2017 Q1 4,574
Q2 4,709
Q3 4,327
Q4 4,398
2018 Q1 5,150
Q2 5,129

Source: Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), Expatriate Management System (EMS)

1. Technical Notes and Definitions

Within the scope of Law No. 19/2006 on regulating the labour market, the LMRA Expatriate Management System (EMS)
issues regular, temporary and investor work visas for foreign workers in the private, governmental and non-commercial, non-government sectors,
as well as records and issues residency visas to their family dependents.
The system tracks visa applications, renewals, mobility of workers between employers and from one occupation to another.
Domestic workers are registered separately.
The system is updated continuously and linked with other labour-related databases of the Kingdom, including CIO, GDNPR, GOSI, PFC, CSB,
Ministry of Labour (MoL), and Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC).

The Expat Management System (EMS) distinguishes four types of visas for operational purposes: regular work visas for workers with 24-month validity;
temporary work visas issued for workers with 6-month validity; investor work visas issued for investors investing up to BD 100,000;
and dependent visas issued for family members of eligible foreign workers.
A Regular worker is engaged to work in an enterprise for a long period of time, i.e. for more than six months and usually two years with possibility of renewal.
An Investor is a person who invests up to 100,000 Bahraini dinars.
A Temporary worker is engaged to work in an enterprise for a short period of time, i.e. for less than two years and usually six months.
Four major categories of workers in terms of their status in employment are employees, employers, own-account workers, and unpaid family workers.

The definitions that the LMRA adopts for its data can be found in the Glossary section: (

2. Institution which provides data 

Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).

3. Data availability 

The LMRA publishes these data under its Bahrain Labour Market Indicators (, data section (, table 33.
Figures and results are often reported in tables in both PDF and Excel formats.

Date of access: December 2018

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