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Bahrain:Population (15+ years old) by nationality (Bahraini/ non-Bahraini), sex and marital status (1991)

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Bahrainis     Non-Bahrainis     Total    
males females total males females total males females total
Never married 41,252 31,319 72,571 37,505 12,787 50,292 78,757 44,106 122,863
Married 52,722 54,274 106,996 78,101 25,701 103,802 130,823 79,975 210,798
Divorced 919 2,002 2,921 224 510 734 1,143 2,512 3,655
Widowed 873 7,859 8,732 184 953 1,137 1,057 8,812 9,869
Total 95,766 95,454 191,220 116,014 39,951 155,965 211,780 135,405 347,185

Source: Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) – Bahrain


1. Technical Notes and Definitions

The table provides data for population present in Bahrain at date of 1991′ census, by nationality (Bahraini and non-Bahraini), sex and marital status.
Reference period for Census 1991: unknown .
Population of reference: all individuals (nationals and non-nationals) present within Bahrain’s borders during time of reference, be they permanent or temporary residents.
Nationality is the person’s passport country. A Non-Bahrainis is considered as such depending on the passport used to enter the country (or obtain the visa).
Marital Status refers to the personal status with regard to marriage/divorce laws and customs.
Never married refers to to a person who has never been in marital life before or a person who has a civil contract but is not living with a partner.
Married refers to a person who is legally married with respect to marriage laws and customs.
Divorced refers to an ever married person but not currently married, whose marriage was dissolved by divorce.
Widowed refers to an ever married person but not currently married, whose marriage has been dissolved by the death of the spouse.

2. Institution which provides data

Central Informatics Organization, known prior to 2001 as the “Central Statistics Organisation” under the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

3. Data availability

This data is available on the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) website. For the Arabic version: ( For the English version: (
For the 1991 census data: (

Data of access: June 2014

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