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Cancelled residence permits (Kuwait) (2001-2013)

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year Cancellations of permits
2001 154,967
2002 185,005
2003 228,084
2004 439,578
2005 523,100
2006 491,003
2007 323,892
2008 259,530
2009 252,512
2010 319,993
2011 207,567
2012 178,638
2013 136,853

Source: Ministry of Interior’s records


1. Definitions

The table refers to all types of residency permits, i.e. granted under articles 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 of the immigration regulations, cancelled during the given years.
A residence visa is cancelled if the holder leaves Kuwait for a continuous period of six months, after termination of his employment period or not. The only exceptions are for those who:
· Are studying abroad
· Are receiving necessary treatment abroad, or
· Are required by virtue of their work to be abroad,
In all three cases, permission has to be obtained before leaving Kuwait.

The bidoun, a stateless population, are not included in the residency documents holders.
Residency procedures do not apply to GCC nationals.

2. Institution which provides data

Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), Ministry of Planning.

3. Period of data coverage

January 1st- December 31st, given years

4. Data availability

a- 2005-2009′ data is published in MoI’ 2009 Statistical Yearbook, in Chapter “Immigration statistics”, available online at:
Last date of access: Sept.3rd, 2013.
b- 2007-2011′ data is tabulated in MoI’ 2011 Statistical Yearbook, in Chapter “Immigration statistics” (not available online). The volume may be directly obtained from MoI.
c- 2001-2010′ data is also available in the “Annual Bulletins of Social Statistics”, given years (data is not disagregated by nationality group or by citizenship of permit holder), available for download in PDF format of Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) website.
d- 2010-2013′ data is available in the report “Migration Statistics 2013”, published by the CSB.
The report (in Arabic, PDF format with Excel tables) is available on CSB’s website (Population Statistics, then Migration Statistics)

Date of access: May 2015.

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