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Deportations from Kuwait by type (all charges; residence law violations) (2008-2011)

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  administrative deportations legal deportations Total deportations
year All charges Residence law violations All charges Residence law violations All charges Residence law violations
2008 20.457 15.467 819 28 21.276 15.495
2009 23.024 16.141 925 24 23.949 16.165
2010 24.138 9.750 1.011 33 25.149 9.783
2011 14.679 4.708 1.242 54 15.921 4.762

Source: Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Justice





1. Definitions


all charges’ includes ‘residence law violation’


The Interior Minister can issue an order to deport a foreigner in the following cases:

1. If there is a court ruling ordering the deportation of the foreigner after serving a prison sentence (legal deportation).

2. If his/her presence in the country is judged detrimental to public order and security and 3. If he/she does not have an apparent source of income (administrative deportation). The foreigner is then turned over to the Deportation Department, upon decision from the Ministry of Interior.

A deported foreigner will have his dependent family deported with him. Once the deported foreigner leaves the country, he/she is not allowed back to Kuwait, unless the Interior Minister issues amnesty or pardon.


2. Institution which provides data


Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), Ministry of Planning


3. Data availability


Published in the CSB’ Statistical Yearbooks, in Chapter “Social Services and Security”

Statistical Yearbooks are available online at: (website in English) and at (Arabic website).

Volumes are bilingual (English and Arabic). Every Yearbook is published in PDF format since 2000 and a selection of 1964 to 1999 volumes is also available in one publication.

Date of access: August 2013.


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