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Employed population (aged 15 and above) by nationality (Saudi/ non-Saudi) and sector of activity (Government/ Private), 2006; 2009

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Year     2006     2009  
Government  Private  Total Government  Private  Total
sector sector   sector sector  
males 2,074,265 863,031 2,937,296 2,235,942 1,096,686 3,332,628
Saudis females 424,461 69,818 494,279 424,579 80,761 505,340
  total 2,498,726 932,849 3,431,575 2,660,521 1,177,447 3,837,968
  males 189,337 2,263,602 2,452,939 115,724 3,621,086 3,736,810
Non-Saudis females 36,308 460,769 497,077 19,967 553,247 573,214
  total 225,645 2,724,371 2,950,016 135,691 4,174,333 4,310,024
  males 2,263,602 3,126,633 5,390,235 2,351,666 4,717,772 7,069,438
Total females 460,769 530,587 991,356 444,546 634,008 1,078,554
  total 2,724,371 3,657,220 6,381,591 2,796,212 5,351,780 8,147,992

Source: Labour Force Surveys, given dates.

1. Technical Notes and Definitions


Sampling frame of 2006 and 2009 Labour Force Surveys: Population Census 2004.

Sample size: 23 000 households

Reference period: May 2006; July 24th-August 22nd, 2009

Population of reference: all individuals (nationals and non-nationals) residing in the Kingdom during the period of reference.

The ultimate sampling unit is the household.


(a) Household and household members: A person or group of persons, related or not related, who share housing and food.

Servants, drivers and similar categories are considered to be part of the household if they live in the same housing unit.


(b) Employed person: A person aged 15 years and above who worked during the reference week for at least one hour for pay or profit, or who had a job but were temporarily absent from work.

Employment refers to people who during the reference period:

– worked for one hour or more for wage or salary, in cash or in kind

– worked for one hour or more for profit or family gain, in cash or in kind

– worked for at least 15 hours without pay on a family business or farm

– did volunteer work

Reference period for employment: The seven days preceding the interview date.


(c) Government and private sector: No definitions available.


2. Institution which provides data


Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI), Ministry and Economy and Planning


3. Data availability


Data of employment by sector and nationality are not published in CDSI Labour Force Surveys volumes.

However, they are made available for the years 2006 to 2009 by the Statistical section of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s General Secretariat (Statistics of the GCC Countries for 2010, Population and Labour Force, tab. 6).

Date of access: May 22nd, 2013.


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