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GCC: Employed national and non-national populations by sex, and sex ratios in GCC countries (2016)

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Employed nationals Employed non-nationals Total employed population
Country sex numbers men per 100 women numbers men per 100 women numbers men per 100 women
Bahrain males 143,007 220 503,755 502 646,762 391
females 65,139 100,356 165,495
Kuwait males 198,143 132 1,567,243 309 1,765,386 269
females 150,237 506,436 656,673
Oman males 290,090 208 1,627,693 822 1,917,783 568
females 139,716 197,910 337,626
Qatar males 65,051 179 1,716,659 732 1,781,710 658
females 36,394 234,583 270,977
Saudi Arabia males 4,185,853 501 6,708,562 1038 10,894,415 735
females 835,726 646,558 1,482,284
United Arab Emirates males NA NA NA NA NA NA
females NA NA NA

Sources: national institutes of statistics.


1- Definitions and remarks:
Non-nationals are:
1- persons bearing nationality of a foreign State other than the GCC State of residence, or bearing no proof of nationality from any given state
(stateless persons and holders of refugee status and travel document in a third country) ;
2- Holders of residence permit residing in the given GCC country at date of census, as per definition of residence used in each of the countries.

Employment refers to: all persons of working age (15 and above), who during a reference period worked to produce goods or provide services for pay (cash or kind)
or worked for profit from their own (or partially owned) business or worked without pay in the family business or with other individuals.
It also includes those who have a temporary absence from a job during the reference period due to vacation or illness or any other reason.

Kuwait: 2015 data.
Oman: Employment data does not include those employed in the Defense, Armed Forces, and Police (Military) in the governmental sector.
UAE: No data available.

2- Sources of data:
Data is taken from:
GCC Stat. Labour Statistics in GCC Countries 2016, Issue n°4, March 2018.

Last accessed: October 2018.

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