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GCC: Employed population by nationality (nationals/ non-nationals) and sector of employment (2017-2018)

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Sector of employment Country and reference period Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar* Saudi Arabia UAE
mid-2018 Dec. 2018 2017 2017 mid-2018
Government Nationals 53,932 335,253 195,680 84,348 1,391,163 n.a.
Non-nationals 9,730 123,014 36383 123,064 78,011 n.a.
Private Nationals 104,882 63,104 238,688 10,210 1,718,824 n.a.
Non-nationals 499,275 1,616,312 1,502,808 1,596,340 7,128,654 n.a.
Mixed Nationals 8,798 n.a.
Non-nationals 49,865 n.a.
Domestic Nationals 0 0 0 0 0 n.a.
Non-nationals 91,852 648,346 292,881 172,406 2,371,390 n.a.
Other Nationals 588 n.a.
Non-nationals 8,883 n.a.
Total Nationals 158,814 398,357 434,368 103,944 3,109,987 n.a.
Non-nationals 600,857 2,387,672 1,832,072 1,950,558 9,578,055 n.a.

Sources: GCC National Statistical Organisations

“Mixed” sector refers to establishments in which the government shares capital with another party,
whether national, regional or foreign.
“Other”: includes the “Diplomatic”,” International”, “Foreign” and “Regional” sectors of employment,
as well as the “NGOs-non-profit” sector.
The two sectors only exist in Qatar and the UAE.

The “Government” sector may not include employees in the security and military sectors.
Administrative records usually do not include self-employed persons.

Characteristics of data, definitions, data sources and availability, please see:
*: labour force (employed+unemployed). Persons seeking work for the first time are not included.
“Government” sector refers to Government departments, as well as governmental companies
and corporations.
Source: MDPS. Labour Force Survey 2017, Annual Bulletin.
Saudi Arabia:
UAE: no raw numbers and totals available.

Last date of access: 31 March 2019.

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