Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) Programme

An international independent, non-partisan, non-profit joint programme of a major Gulf think tank and a globally renowned academic migration centre.
The programme provides data, analyses, and recommendations contributing to the improvement of understanding and management of
Gulf labour migration, population, and labour markets, engaging with and respecting the viewpoints of all stakeholder.

Legal module

The Legal Module includes a large number of legal instruments, both in the national and international framework.

All relevant international treaties are structured according to thematic topics and supplemented with information on the status of their signature, ratification or accession by the GLMM countries.

The National Legal Framework consists of two main sections: legislation and bilateral agreements. Legislation includes relevant laws and by-laws divided into  thematic subsections (visas, entry & exit conditions, labour migration, rights and obligations, etc.). For each legal act, the following information is included: dates of adoption and entry into force, available text versions, official source, as well as an abstract. The abstract provides a brief summary of the act and contains references to relevant articles in order to facilitate the navigation within a legal act.

Explanatory Notes provide a deeper understanding of different aspects of national legal frameworks of the GLMM countries.

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