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Kuwait: Article 18 (Non-Governmental labour) residence permits granted by nationality group and sex of holder (2014)

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Males Females Total
Arab countries 413,314 27,769 441,083
Non-Arab Asian countries 686,093 70,789 756,882
Non-Arab African countries 3,897 2,353 6,250
Europe 3,876 1,583 5,459
North America 6,332 1,965 8,297
Central and South America 340 88 428
Australia and Oceania 429 129 558
Other 2 0 2
Total 1,114,283 104,676 1,218,959

Source: Ministry of Interior

1. Definitions

Residency procedures do not apply to GCC nationals.
The bidoun, a stateless population, are not included in the residency documents holders.
Data presented in the table are stock data: all the non-national residents holding a residence permit on December 31st, the given year. The table excludes the Bedoon, the non-Kuwaiti GCC citizens and those in irregular situation.

Permits 17, 18, 19 and 20 are only granted after Ministry of Labour issues a work permit.

Totals for the year 2012 presented here differ slightly from totals in other tables pertaining to this year published in the database.

2. Institution which provides data

Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), Ministry of Planning.

3. Period of data coverage

December 31st, given years.

4. Data availability

The present data is taken from the report “Migration Statistics 2014”, published by the CSB.
The report processes Ministry of Interior’s (Directorate of Migration’s) raw figures of permits granted to foreign residents by type/ purpose of permit, sex and regional origin of holder, for the years 2011 to 2014.
The report (in Arabic, PDF format with Excel tables) is available on CSB’s website (Population Statistics, then Migration Statistics)

Date of access: February 2016.

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