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Kuwait: Violators of the law on residency permits (2007-2011)

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residency law violators
2007 4,236
2008 4,322
2009 4,817
2010 5,900
2011 16,315

Source: Ministry of Interior records.

1. Definitions

The figure is a record of routinely apprehended migrants in all categories of irregular sojourn:
tourist visa or expired residency overstayers, persons without residency document, having crossed the border illegally, etc.
The bidoun, a stateless population, are not included in the residency documents holders.

2. Institution which provides data

Ministry of Interior

3. Period of data coverage

December 31st, given years

4. Data availability

Figures of violators of residency law only appear in MoI’ 2011 Statistical Yearbook, in Chapter “Immigration statistics” (not available online). The volume may be directly obtained from MoI.

Date of access: August 2013

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