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Labor permits by type or nature of status’ adjustments performed (Kuwait) (2008-2011)

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  2008 2009 2010 2011
Entry permits for work* 99.195 88.800 95.691 137.842
Permits issued for the first time 78.226 58.302 53.450 81.508
Renewed permits 544.396 484.085 516.718 558.099
Transfer within the private sector 162.612 167.395 183.822 185.950
Transfers outside of private sector 5.144 4.133 4.986 4.679
Transfers from the governmental to the private sector 645 303 515 712
Transfers from invitation document to private sector 10.623 9.437 13.645 14.127
Transfers from dependant residency to private sector 6.026 5.346 4.871 7.598
Transfers from domestic worker permit to  private sector 7.115 7.164 8.186 8.338
Final cancellations of permit 65.062 67.763 55.512 28.918
Cancellations of permission to work abroad** 2.488 21.002 27.155 39.606
Cancellations of permit due to death of holder 764 533 423 706
Adjustements of status*** 182 149 1.060 n.a.

Source: Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour




1. Definitions


* Figure does not include cancelled entry permits.

Entry permit for work differs from labour permit.

** Pertains to holders of residence visas in the following situation:

“A residence visa is cancelled if the holder is absent abroad for a continuous period of six months. The only exceptions are for those who (a) are studying abroad, (b) are receiving necessary treatment abroad, or (c) are required by virtue of their work to be abroad, provided permission in all three cases is obtained before leaving Kuwait.{F186A875-71FA-44F6-BC5F-8CF9B386B9E1}#Out_of_country_Absentee_

*** Data has been included in above-mentioned categories of permits


2. Institution which provides data


Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MOSAL)


3. Period of data coverage


December 31st, given years.


4. Data availability


Published in the CSB’ Statistical Yearbooks, in Chapter “Labor Force”

Statistical Yearbooks are available online at: (website in English) and at (Arabic website).

Volumes are bilingual (English and Arabic). Starting with 2000′ issue, yearbooks are published online in PDF format; a selection of 1964 to 1999 printed volumes is also available in one online publication.

Date of access: June 2013.



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