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Marriages by nationality group of wife and husband (QATAR) (2012)

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Husband Wife
Qatar Other GCC national Arab Asian European Other total
Qatari 1,792 97 109 47 7 1 2,053
Other GCC national 202 14 14 4 1 0 235
Arab  59 5 608 69 34 34 809
Asian 7 0 17 302 8 2 336
European 3 0 23 6 2 1 35
Other 4 0 33 12 4 11 64
total 2,067 116 804 440 56 49 3,532

Source: Supreme Judiciary Council/ QSA




1. Characteristics of data and definitions


The table refers to Muslim marriages celebrated and registered in Qatar. Marriages of Qataris which took place abroad are not included.

Databases of QSA and Supreme Judiciary council (the religious administration in charge of registering personal status events such as marriages and divorces) are electronically linked up for simultaneous registration of events, to enhance data accuracy.


The nationality group which the newborn belongs to is collected according to the nationality of the father/ head of the household.


2. Institution which provides data


Supreme Judiciary Council/ Qatar Statistics Authority.


3. Period of data coverage:


January 1st-December 31st, 2012.


4. Data availability


Yearly Vital Statistics Annual Bulletin of Marriages and Divorces, publishing data taken from Shari’a courts’ records are available for download in PDF format on QSA website/ Qatar Information exchange portal:


As of September 2013, issues available online are the following: 1984 to 2012.

Bulletins of Marriages and divorces provide some data disagregated by nationality group of spouses.

the 2012′ Bulletin is available for download in PDF format:


Date of access: September 2013.