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Oman: Arrests and deportations of foreign workers in irregular situation by administrative region (2013)

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Arrests Deportations
Muscat Governorate 7,557 4,578
Al Batinah (North and South) 3,393 934
Ad Dakhliyah Region 1,615 601
Dhofar Governorate 1,325 625
Ash Sharqiyah (North and South) 1,039 331
Adh Dhahirah Region 883 291
Al Buraymi Governorate 73 31
Total 15,885 7,391

Source: Ministry of Manpower, Annual Yearbook 2013

1. Technical Notes and Definitions

The table refers to all arrests and deportations performed during the given year, due to any type of contravention to entry, residency and labor laws
(infiltrators, those working with a tourist or visitors’ visa; those working in a profession other than that stated on their iqama, etc).
Operations of detection of foreign nationals in irregular situation are conducted in private sector’s establishments by MoM’s Search Department (taftish) jointly with the Royal Police of Oman.

2. Institution which provides data

Ministry of Manpower, Mascate

3. Data availability

Ministry of Manpower’s website:
MoM’s Annual Reports for the years 2009 to 2013 are available in PDF format (in Arabic only) in the “Media Center” section of MoM’s website:

Last date of access: September 2015.

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