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Oman: Cancelled residence permits by type/purpose of permit (2009)

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Type/purpose of permit 2009
Employment (without family) 150,506
Employment (with family) 478
Family Joining (family reunion) 2,616
Domestic Servant 31,916
Business 0
Total 185,516

Source: Royal Oman Police

1. Technical Notes and Definitions

The Directorate General of Civil Status of the Royal Oman Police is responsible for delivering residence cards (Iqama) to foreign residents in the following categories:
-employed foreign nationals,
-wife and children (below age 21) of employed foreign nationals,
-brothers and sisters of employed foreign nationals (below age 18)
-foreign wife of an Omani national
Nationals of other GCC countries are exempted from the obligation to hold a residence permit.

2. Institution which provides data

National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI)

3. Data availability

The present data is published in 2011′ Statistical Yearbook, section “Social Services and Security”, available online on NSCI’s website. Each thematic section is presented in PDF format.
The “Social Services” section is available at:
2011′ SYB is available at:

Date of access: December 2014.

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