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Oman: Population by nationality (Omani/ non-Omani) and governorate (administrative region) of residence (2003).

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  Omanis Expatriates Total
Muscat Governorate 381,612 250,461 632,073
Al Batinah Region 564,407 89,098 653,505
Musandam Governorate 20,324 8,054 28,378
Adh Dhahirah Region 147,689 59,326 207,015
Ad Dakhliyah Region 235,337 31,803 267,140
Ash Sharqiyah Region 264,369 49,392 313,761
Al Wusta Region 16,861 6,122 22,983
Dhofar Governorate 150,959 65,001 215,960
Total 1,781,558 559,257 2,340,815

Source: Ministry of National Economy


1. Technical Notes and Definitions

The table refers to the population recorded during census 2003.

The Ministry of National Economy of Oman has conducted three censuses in 1993, 2003 and 2010.
The date of reference for census 2003 is the night of December 7-8, 2003.
For information on technical means and definitions of categories used in Oman’s censuses, please see:

2. Institution which provides data

National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI)

3. Data availability

The National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) processes and disseminates all statistical data of use to the public and to government action.
1993′ and 2003’s census results are not available online. However, they are quoted in recent publications released by NCSI (Annual Statistical Yearbooks, survey results, studies).
2010’s census results are available in PDF format in the “publications” section of NCSI’s website, in several thematic publications.
The present data was retrieved from the “Final results” volume of 2010′ census publication, available at:

Last date of access: October 2014.

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