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Population by nationality (Saudi / non-Saudi) and sex (1974; 1992; 2004; 2010)

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    Saudis     Non-Saudis     Total  
year males females total males females total males females total
1974 3.193.544 3.024.817 6.218.361 528.671 262.434 791.105 3.722.215 3.287.251 7.009.466
1992 6.215.793 6.094.260 12.310.053 3.264.180 1.374.155 4.638.335 9.479.973 7.468.415 16.948.388
2004 8.287.370 8.239.970 16.527.340 4.269.870 1.881.052 6.150.922 12.557.240 10.121.022 22.678.262
2010* 9.527.173 9.180.403 18.707.576 5.932.974 2.496.427 8.429.401 15.460.147 11.676.830 27.136.977

Source: national censuses, given years

* preliminary results





1. Technical Notes and Definitions


Reference periods for each census: the nights of October 13th, 1992; September 15th, 2004; April 27th, 2010.

Implementation method: the Censuses are carried out according to de facto methodology, i.e. counting persons where they are during time of reference, be they usual residents of the place or temporary residents.

Population of reference: all individuals (nationals and non-nationals) present within the Kingdom’s borders during time of reference, be they permanent or temporary residents.

The census also includes: Saudi diplomats posted abroad (their details are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Saudis temporarily out of the Kingdom for reasons such as treatment, business, tourism, studies…, counted with their family members residing in the Kingdom.


2. Institution which provides data


Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI), Ministry and Economy and Planning


3. Data availability


As of May 31st, 2013, only preliminary results of 2010′ census have been published.

Parts of censuses conducted in 1992 and 2004 are available on the website of the CDSI (, in published form in PDF format. (English) (Arabic)

For 1992 all published data is broken down by nationality (Saudi/non-Saudi). For 2004, only the data on sex and administrative regions and sub-regions of residence is broken down by nationality (Saudi/ Non-Saudi).

Date of access: May 2013.

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