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Bahrain: Population by nationality group and sex (1991)

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Nationality Group males females total
Bahrainis 163,453 159,852 323,305
GCC Arabs 2,526 2,202 4,728
Other Arabs 10,086 7,791 17,877
Arabs 12,612 9,993 22,605
Asian 114,093 39,997 154,090
African 159 186 345
European 3,069 2,923 5,992
North American 741 562 1,303
South American 42 51 93
Oceanian 177 127 304
Non-Arabs 118,281 43,846 162,127
Total Non-Bahrainis 130,893 53,839 184,732
Total 294,346 213,691 508,037

Source: Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) – Bahrain


1. Technical Notes and Definitions

The table provides figures of Bahrain’s national and non-national resident population at date of 1991′ census
Reference period: unknown
Population of reference: all non-nationals in the country at the time of the census
Implementation method: the Censuses are carried out according to de jure methodology, i.e. counting persons using their usual place of residence irrespective of where are they at census times
Nationality of the person is defined by the passport used to enter the country. A Non-Bahrainis is considered as such depending on the passport used to enter the country (or obtain the visa)

2. Institution which provides data

Central Informatics Organization, known prior to 2001 as the “Central Statistics Organisation” under the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

3. Data availability

This data is available on the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) website. For the Arabic version: ( For the English version: (
This data for 1991 and 2001 censuses are available in PDF format: (

Data of access: June 2014

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