Qatar: Estimates of non-nationals by country of citizenship and migration status (selected nationalities) (Qatar, 26-30/09/2013).

Workers Family dependants Total
India 452,578 92,224 544,802
Philippines 165,447 19,201 184,648
Nepal 339,901 778 340,679
Bangladesh 130,630 6,615 137,245

Source: NHRC



1. Data collection methodology


The figures were released during a press conference held October 1, 2013, between NHRC and official representatives of the Nepalese community residing in Qatar.

The press conference followed the publication by the Guardian Newspaper, of reports of fatal work accidents for Nepalese construction workers employed

in the building of 2022′ World Cup facilities.

The figures presented here were quoted in the press. Writers stated they were originally retrieved from a report by Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (which could not be found).


2. Data availability


The figures have been published in the press:

In Arabic: Al Raya newspaper (October 1, 2013, p.20)

In English: (English)