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Residence permits issued by category of issuance (first issuance or renewal) (Kuwait) (2001-2011)

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year of issuance Category Total
First issuance Renewal
2001 97.664 526.528 624.192
2002 116.222 512.843 629.065
2003 516.677 203.882 720.559
2004 319.810 610.967 930.777
2005 370.207 687.601 624.192
2006 475.607 786.272 629.065
2007 372.923 891.140 720.559
2008 302.826 1.003.808 930.777
2009 276.073 936.047 1.057.808
2010 347.529 960.412 1.261.879
2011 244.686 1.056.487 1.264.063

Source: Ministry of Interior’s records  




1. Definitions  


The table refers to all types of residency permits, i.e. granted under articles 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 of the immigration regulations, first issued or renewed during the given years.

The residency can be valid for a minimum of 1 month to a year (temporary permits granted under article 14 of the immigration regulations), and for a maximum of five years (some of the residence permits granted to public and private sector employees under Articles 17 and 18). When the initial residence document expires, the expatriate will have to keep the same sponsor if the permit has to be renewed. It will have to be renewed first with the Labour Ministry, before renewal of the residence application.

The bidoun, a stateless population, are not included in the residency documents holders. Residency procedures do not apply to GCC nationals.


2. Institution which provides data


Ministry of Interior


3. Period of data coverage


January 1st- December 31st, given years


4. Data availability


a- 2005-2009′ data is published in MoI’ 2009 Statistical Yearbook, in Chapter “Immigration statistics”, available online at: Last date of access: September 3rd, 2013. b- 2007-2011′ data is tabulated in MoI’ 2011 Statistical Yearbook, in Chapter “Immigration statistics” (not available online). The volume may be directly obtained from MoI. c- 2001-2010 data is also available in the “Annual Bulletins of Social Statistics”, given years (data is not disagregated by nationality group or by citizenship of permit holder), available for download in PDF format of Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) website:

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