Saudi Arabia: Estimates of the net number of departures of foreign labourers from the Saudi private sector (Q1 2017-Q3 2019)

Net departures
2017 Q1 66,000
Q2 120,000
Q3 140,000
Q4 275,000
Total 600,000
2018 Q1 221,000
Q2 312,000
Q3 265,000
Q4 200,000
Total 1,000,000
2019 Q1 185,000
Q2 132,000
Q3 56,000

Source: Jadwa Investment Labour Market Reports
1. Definitions

Jadwa Investment is a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company with headquarters in Riyadh.
Using official data such as GAStat’s data, Ministry of Labour’s employment figures and other sources
(among which General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI)), Jadwa Investment has been publishing yearly
analyses of the Saudi labour market, which became quarterly since 2017.

2. Institution which provides data 

Jadwa Investment (;

3. Data availability 

Estimates are quoted in the various issues of the Saudi Labour Market Reports and Updates
published by Jadwa.

Last date of access: December 2019.