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Saudi Arabia: Non – Saudi domestic workers by sex and main group of household occupations (Q2, 2018)

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Main groups of household occupations Male Female Total
Housekeeper 1,525 947 2,472
Drivers 1,357,228 0 1,357,228
Servants and house cleaners 250,350 698,798 949,148
Cookers and food provider 16,130 2,653 18,783
Houses, buildings and restrooms guards 34,137 0 34,137
Farmers houses 2,634 0 2,634
Home Tailors 740 1,253 1,993
Nurses and health professionals in homes 615 1,888 2,503
Private teachers and Nannies at homes 542 4,693 5,235
Not specified 32,688 14,282 46,970
Total 1,696,589 724,514 2,421,103

Source: Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD)
1. Technical Notes and Definitions

Since Q3 2016, instead of survey results, the Labour Force Surveys’ publications display administrative data: the records of Saudi and foreign labourers covered by social security schemes
(private and governmental sectors), and Ministry of Labour’s records of domestic labourers.
1. Labourers in the governmental sector are recorded by the Ministry of Civil Service.
2. The Social Insurance Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become compulsorily applied to all Saudi workers in the private sector
of any other GCC Member State effective from 01/01/2006. Saudi and foreign workers in the sector have to be recorded by the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).
3. Since 2017, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development records all labourers in the domestic sector.

Therefore, the present data do not include employed persons non-registered in the records of MLSD

2. Institution which provides data 

General Authority for Statistics (GAStat)

3. Data availability 

Data on foreign labourers employed in the domestic sector have been published quarterly since Q2, 2016 in GAStat’s Labour Force Surveys.
The present data is taken from Labour Force Survey 2018 (Q2) (Excel format).

Last date of access: October 2018.

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