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Saudi Arabia: Population aged 15 and above by nationality (Saudi/non-Saudi), sex and activity status (Jan. 2014)

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Activity status      In the labour force               Out of the labour force          Total      
  Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
Saudis 4,352,792 1,192,969 5,545,761 2,368,183 5,583,593 7,951,776 6,720,975 6,776,562 13,497,537
Non-Saudis 5,414,022 640,641 6,054,663 359,375 1,565,750 1,925,125 5,773,397 2,206,391 7,979,788
Total 9,766,814 1,833,610 11,600,424 2,727,558 7,149,343 9,876,901 12,494,372 8,982,953 21,477,325

source: Labour Force Survey 2014 (Round 1).

1. Technical Notes and Definitions

Sampling frame of LFS 2014 Round 1: Population Census 2010.
Sample size: 33500 households
Reference period: January 2014.
Population of reference: all individuals (nationals and non-nationals) residing in the Kingdom during the period of reference.
The ultimate sampling unit is the household.

(a) Person in the labour force: a person aged 15 years and over, employed or unemployed.

(b) Person out of the labour force: A person aged 15 years and over who is not included in the labour force, among which: the persons staying home for domestics activities, the students, the retired, the self sufficients,
the ones unable to enrol in labour, who are not working and do not look for employment for any other reason.

2. Institution which provides data

Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI), Ministry and Economy and Planning

3. Data availability

Surveys conducted since 1999 are available on the website of the CDSI (, in PDF format. Tables are also sometimes available in Excel format. (website English version)
The technical notes and tables of contents are displayed in the PDF version, in Arabic only. The tables are in both languages.
Since 2007, Statistical Yearbooks have introduced a section on “Labour Statistics”, which presents a selection of tables from Manpower Surveys.

Date of access: October 2014.

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