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Saudi Arabia: Work permits granted by administrative region (governorate) (2013)

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Governorate Labour permits
Riyadh 2,539,800
Makkah 1,521,470
Madinah 247,681
Al-Qasseem 372,031
Eastern 1,449,990
Assir 228,113
Hail 107,468
Tabouk 53,484
Al-Baha 34,610
Northern Border 34,826
Al-Jouf 56,575
Jazan 84,458
Najran 144,293
Total 6,874,799

Source: Ministry of Labour
1. Definitions

Classification used for economic activity is adapted from ISIC 3.1

2. Data collection methodology

The issuance of the residency and work permits begins with filing an application with the Ministry of Labor.
After its approval, the Ministry of Labor forwards the application to the Ministry of Interior for the issuance of the residency permit.

3. Institution which provides data

Ministry of Labour

4. Data availability

Published in Ministry of Labour’s Statistical Yearbooks
MoL Yearbooks (in Arabic) are available online at (all issues since 2004)
2013’s Yearbook:

Last date of access: July 2015.

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