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Saudi Arabia: Work permits issued by occupation category (2012)

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Occupation of permit holder 2012
Managers and Business Managers 5,783
Specialists in Scientific, Technical and Humanities Fields 346,015
Technicians in Scientific, Technical and Humanities Fields 355,758
Clerical Workers 4,655
Sales Persons 96,774
Service Persons 1,476,851
Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishing 104,082
Industrial, Chemical and Food Industries 157,549
Engineering Support 2,262,432
Non stated 1,196
TOTAL 4,811,095

Source: Ministry of Labour
1. Definitions

Classification used for occupations is adapted from ISCO 1988.

2. Data collection methodology

The issuance of the residency and work permits begins with filing an application with the Ministry of Labor.
After its approval, the Ministry of Labor forwards the application to the Ministry of Interior for the issuance of the residency permit.

3. Institution which provides data

Ministry of Labour

4. Data availability

Published in Ministry of Labour’s Statistical Yearbooks
MoL Yearbooks (in Arabic) are available online at (all issues since 2004)
2012’s Yearbook:

Last date of access: July 2015.

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