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UAE: Average normal hours of work, actual hours of work, wages and earnings by nationality group (2008)

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Country or group of countries of nationality Normal Hours of Work Wages
Actual Hours of Work Earnings
United Arab Emirates 175 14,674 173 15,064
GCC Countries 194 8,892 193 10,283
Other Arab Countries 203 7,068 199 7,209
Non Arab Asian countries 215 3,150 215 3,215
Non Arab African Countries 205 6,026 201 6,077
European Countries 198 14,408 193 14,516
North American Countries 190 20,272 188 20,471
Central American and Caribbean Countries 222 7,977 221 7,997
South American Countries 196 15,255 192 15,546
Oceania 202 20,583 185 20,689
Not Stated 201 5,471 200 5,533
Total 212 4,242 211 4,332

Source: Employment, Wages, and Hours of Work Survey (October 2008).


1. Characteristics of data, definitions

The Employment, Wages and Hours of Work Survey 2008 was conducted on a representative sample of all the establishments employing one worker or more in every Emirate,
excluding the establishments linked to the Armed forces, to the Security sector as well as international and regional corporations.
Sample of survey: all governmental and joint sector establishments; 6,215 non-governmental establishments.
Period of reference: October 2008.

Normal Hours of Work during October 2008
Refers to the total number of hours that the employee normally spends in working in the establishment in accordance with the contract signed between the employee and the establishment, whether he or she is working now or temporarily absent.

Actual Hours of Work during October 2008
Refers to the total number of hours that the employee actually spent in working in the establishment including preparation of work place, repair and maintenance works, waiting for required materials.
The actual hours does NOT include the following:
Paid hours in which the employee did NOT work, such as the public holidays, the employee’s annual leave, and sick leaves; Lunch breaks; The time of transportation from the employee’s residence to the workplace and back.

Wages and salaries in cash
Refers to the wages and salaries paid by the employer to the employee or the worker directly and in cash. The wages and salaries should be paid on regular basis stipulated on the set of regulations agreed upon by both parties (the employer and the employee).
Such regulations include: Basic Salary or wage; Family allowances and supplementary allowances; Educational level or degree allowances; Any other allowances related to profession such as work difficulties and work hazards etc.

1 AED= 0.27 US$ (constant).

2. Institution which provides data

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

3. Data availability

The results and metadata of the Survey are available (in English and in Arabic) in the following PDF publication:

A selection of tables appear in Excel format on NBS’s website:

Last date of access: March 3, 2015.

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