UAE, Dubai: Percentage distribution of employed resident population (aged 15 and above) by nationality (Emirati/non-Emirati), sex and marital status (2012)

    Single Married Divorced Widowed Total
   Males 37 60,7 2 0,3 100
Emiratis  Females 52,1 41,2 5,3 1,4 100
   Total 42,2 54 3,2 0,6 100
   Males 24,1 75,5 0,3 0,1 100
Non-Emiratis  Females 36,8 59,3 2,8 1,1 100
   Total 26,3 72,6 0,8 0,3 100
   Males 24,5 75 0,3 0,2 100
Total   Females 38,1 57,8 3 1,1 100
   Total 27 71,9 0,8 0,3 100

Source: Labour Force Survey 2012


1. Characteristics of data, definitions

DSC has conducted Labour Force Surveys on Dubai Emirate in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012.

Sample of LFS 2012: 2,560 households, distributed as follows: 1,100 Emirati households, 1,010 non-Emirati households; 450 collective households, and
900 workers from labour gatherings.”
The population taken into account is the population residing in Dubai. The survey results do not include the population aged 15 and above, working in Dubai but residing in other Emirates.
Date of reference: mid- 2012.

The time reference of the survey is:
Visit day is the time reference for the family personal data.
The week ended on the visit day is the time reference for the employment status (employed / unemployed).
Month ended on the visit day is the time reference for job search.
The two years ended on the visit day represent the time reference for training of people who are unemployed and seeking a job.

Economically active population: Adult individuals, 15 years old or older, who are either employed or unemployed.
Economically inactive population: Individuals who are below 15 years old and individuals who are 15 years old or older but the definitions of employed and unemployed person are not applicable to them.

The results of LFS 2012 are not available in numbers, nor is there any publication of the distribution of Dubai’s population broken down by nationality for 2012.
Total population aged 15 and over residing in Dubai in 2012: 1,865,786 (

2. Institution which provides data

Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC).

3. Data availability

The results of Dubai Labour Force Surveys are available (in English and in Arabic) at:نشرة%20القوى%20العاملة%202012%20انجليزي%20نهائي%20aa%2022.pdf
Some tables (in PDF format), definition of concepts and partial methodological indications are available in the LFS’ project page on DSC’s website (do not include 2012’s LFS)

Last date of access: August 2015.