UAE: Ministerial Decision No. 812 of 2006




UAE: Ministerial Decision No. 812 of 2006

Date of adoption


11 December 2006

Entry into force


11 December 2006

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Art. 1 of this decision adds the following case to the cases listed in Art. 1 of Ministerial Decision No. 444 of 2006 Regarding the Rules and Procedures for Exemption from Fines:

“An establishment shall be exempted from paying the fine for failing to renew a labour card if it expires during the worker’s detention or incarceration. If the labour card was never issued in the first place, then the fine shall be cover the period from the worker’s arrival until his detention or arrest. In all cases, the establishment shall file a request to settle the worker’s status, through either issuing or renewing the card or its cancellation, within three months of his release from prison.

The previous article is without prejudice to the provisions and procedures established by Administrative Decision No. 24 of 2006 regarding deduction from the worker who has been sentenced to deportation after serving his term (Art. 2).