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Work permits issued by economic activity sector (Saudi Arabia) (2010-2011)

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Economic activity sector of work permit’ holder year
2010 2011
Agriculture, Forests, Hunting and Fishing 97.414 135.689
Mines, Oil, Gas and Quarries 13.691 11.355
Manufacturing industries 342.181 418.885
Electricity, Gas and Water 10.483 7.340
Construction 1.762.186 2.263.656
Retails and Hotels 636.953 691.985
Transports and Storage 92.733 133.215
Finance, Insurance, Real estate services and Businesses 51.272 55.550
Collective, Social, and Personal services 323.033 370.418
Not stated 15.684 0
TOTAL 3.345.630 4.088.093

Source: Ministry of Labour



1. Definitions


Classification used for occupations is adapted from ISCO 1988.


2. Data collection methodology


The issuance of the residency and work permits begins with filing an application with the Ministry of Labor.

After its approval, the Ministry of Labor forwards the application to the Ministry of Interior for the issuance of the residency permit.


3. Institution which provides data


Ministry of Labour


4. Data availability


Published in Ministry of Labour’s Statistical Yearbooks

MoL Yearbooks are available online at (all issues since 2004)

Date of access: May 2013.


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