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The Gulf Labour Markets and Migration (GLMM) is an international, independent, non-partisan, non profit joint programme of an academic institution - the Migration Policy Centre (MPC -Florence, associated with the European University Institute, EUI) and a think-tank - the Gulf Research Center (GRC
- Jeddah, Geneva, Cambridge, Tokyo).
The GLMM provides data, analyses and recommendations aiming at a better understanding and improved management of Gulf labour markets and migration, engaging with and respecting the viewpoints of all stakeholders.
The GLMM intends to become an indispensable tool for researchers, students, policymakers, advocates and migrants in, as well as
nationals of the GCC countries.
The GLMM does not offer advice to any particular individual or organization on their rights.
The GLMM is firmly committed to free access to information.
The GLMM is committed to making information available in an increasingly user friendly format (print; download in pdf; download in MSExcel and other spreadsheets).
The principle source of information for the GLMM is information made publically available by the states of
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as well as by the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The GLMM also relies on information made publically available by the countries of origin of the foreign nationals residing in the GCC countries. Substantial information is also obtained from academic sources as well as from international governmental organizations and
national/international non-governmental organizations.
The GLMM always makes reasonable efforts to check the origin and accuracy of the information it collects and publishes.
The GLMM always provides the source of the information it publishes to the greatest detail

Public information reproduced by the Gulf Labour Markets and Migration(GLMM) programme (on this website and in
GLMM publications, inpaper or digital form) generally is not
copyrighted, but users are strongly advised to ascertain the copyright status with the governmental sources themselves prior to using this information.
The European University Institute and the Gulf Research Center retain copyrights on:
(i) website texts;
(ii) table forms and structures;
(iii) publications and other materials produced by and for the GLMM.
In cases where the GLMM reproduces any copyrighted
materials, this is done under the fair use rule for research purposes. All materials on this website are provided for research purposes at no cost. The GLMM suggests the reading of the following article: Copyright vs "Academic Fair Use"
The GLMM licenses its publications under the : Creative Commons Attribution-­NonCommercial-­NoDerivs 3.0 license.
The GLMM always makes reasonable efforts to assess whether information it places on its website or in its publications is copyrighted. In case information is copyrighted, the GLMM contacts the copyright holder in order to obtain the right to publish the information. In case information is copyrighted and rights to publish the information have not yet been obtained, the GLMM will provide only the bibliographical citation of the information and, where possible, indicate where it can be obtained (providing a link if possible) – always respecting the fair use of information
Third party materials that are or may be copyrighted are only reproduced by the GLMM upon explicit agreement with the relevant third parties. In such cases, users need to ascertain with the copyright holders whether, to what extent and for what purposes they can use Copyright

Terms of use

The Gulf Labour Markets and Migration (GLMM) programme encourages users to use, as much as possible, the information published on its website, on paper and in other forms, including the database and its publications.
By using any information from the GLMM website or
other GLMM publications, the user:
acknowledges having read the legal notices and agrees to comply with them in full;
agrees to assure himself/herself whet her and to what extent copyrights exist on information published by the GLMM prior to using this information;
agrees not to use information published by GLMM in any way that would result in the infringement of existing copyrights;
agrees toalways follow precisely and fully the citation instructions provided by the GLMM.
GLMM publications may be copied and distributed only in their entirety and together with any copyright statements they may contain, as long as they are properly attributed
and used for non-­‐commercial, educational, or public policy purposes. Photographs, logos, graphs, tables or any other
imagesfrom the GLMM publications may not be used separately.
Tables from the database only (not from publications) may be copied and distributed for non-­‐commercial, educational, or public policy purposes and used for academic purposes
only if the citation provided by GLMM appears in full together with the table.
use of the “Gulf Labour Markets and Migration” news service provided by the GRC through its “Gulf in the Media” programme is subject to specific Terms and Conditions.
None of the information appearing on the GLMM website or
on other sources identified by the GLMM website should be used for commercial purposes.
Creating websites similar to the GLMM website or improving existing websites with information taken from the GLMM website is not considered fair use


The Gulf Labour Markets and Migration (GLMM) programme cannot be held responsible in any way for the correctness and accuracy of the information and data published on its website, on paper and in other forms, including the database and its publications.
The GLMM strongly encourages users to verify the correctness
and accuracy of the information and data with the source, which is always indicated with the greatest accuracy and detail possible.
Any opinions expressed in any GLMM publication are those of the author(s) alone and do not necessarily state or reflect the opinions or position of the Migration Policy Centre, the European University Institute or the Gulf Research Centre

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